No tax disc on your vehicle

15-Dec-2014 Since 1 October 2014 drivers are no longer required to display a tax disc on a vehicle.      I don’t know how you feel, but after many years of driving I feel my car looks naked without the tax disc.  It just seems wrong.  But it is true, you will be reminded about your vehicle tax renewal and you must tax your vehicle, but you are no longer sent a disc to display.  In years to come you never know, those once all important tax discs may become collectors items.

Vehicle MoT disc still needs to be displayed

However, you still need to display your MoT disc.  If you need to prepare your vehicle for MoT we can take the pain out of this process, by booking an appointment at the MoT centre, preparing your car for MoT and even taking the car to MoT for you.   We have a number of courtesy cars for customer use, subject to availability.

For more details or to book your car in for a service or MoT preparation, call us on 028 9269 9107


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