Giro d'Italia comes to Northern Ireland

A One Tyres - Thursday, May 08, 2014

There is plenty of media coverage of the arrival of thousands of cyclists and cycling enthusiasts coming to Northern Ireland to witness the phenomenon which is the Giro d’Italia.  Be honest, how many of you had heard of this spectacular event before this year? maybe not too many?  But it is here! 

Today (Thursday 8th May) there is an opening ceremony at Belfast City Hall at 5.30 pm when the cyclists will be part of a live outdoor show.   The racing will be in 3 stages after that, starting in Titanic Belfast on Friday and finishing this leg of the race in Dublin on Sunday.  Further details are available at Giro Start 2014.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board is saying that the 4 million pounds spent on getting ready for this event will be recouped in the 10 million pounds of international media coverage, showcasing our lovely Northern Ireland as a destination of choice.   The weather may put a slight dampener on proceedings, but come rain or shine, there is no hiding the beauty of the scenic route round the north coast, the interest of our historic city of Armagh and the recently revived Belfast Titanic quarter.  We have plenty to show off, and we are doing it in style this weekend.

So, no matter if you donning the pink rain coat to get involved, or you are avoiding the road closures to try and get on with normal life, we hope you enjoy the weekend (even if it is just the news coverage).  Stay safe!

For information on road closures see Traffic Watch NI.