Tyres - the basics - questions about tyres you never thought to ask

A One Tyres - Thursday, October 16, 2014

Most of the time we simply take tyres for granted, we don’t think much about them, we just need tyres to keep turning so our vehicles can get from A to B without hassle.  To get the best from your tyres it often pays to know a little bit more.  However, some things we don’t need to know, but they are just interesting questions that you might ponder round your dinner table, like:

why are tyres black?

why do tyre treads look like they do? 

how long does it take to create a new type of tyre?

why has no one invented the puncture-proof tyre?

Continental Tyres has lots of technical staff who are able to answer these tyre related questions.  Check out some of the answers to these and other questions from Steve Howat of Continental Tyres – Technical Services.  Click here