An unexpected bump in the road - the Northern Ireland pot-hole

A One Tyres - Tuesday, June 05, 2018

You won’t have to ponder too long before you remember the last pot-hole you just managed to avoid! But if you were unfortunate enough to drive into one there are a few things you should do:

  • Report the pot-hole
  • Get your car tyres aligned

Reporting the pot-hole

Here is a handy link to report the pothole to TransportNI:  Report a pothole

If enough people report the pot-hole there is a better chance it will be filled in!  There is a whole other debate about the quality of pot-hole fills, but getting them filled in some form helps reduce damage to vehicles.


Get your tyres aligned

Whether it is a pot-hole, or an "inconvenient" kerb you have hit, you could well have put your vehicle tyres out of alignment. Getting your tyres aligned will save uneven tyre wear and be a cost saving in the long run. 


In the meantime, drive safely, preferably around the pot-holes that have become a scourge on the Northern Ireland roads this winter.

A footnote

The website put together an article with tips on how to claim if your tyre and/or rim are damaged driving into a pot-hole, it’s worth a read.