Motorbike Season 2017

A One Tyres - Thursday, April 13, 2017

A One Tyres Dromore and Lisburn depots have been working flat out with our motorbike customers who have been getting tyres checked, new tyres fitted and preparing their bikes for the 2017ride out season.  Aaron Clydesdale is our resident motorbike tyre expert and he has been stocking up our stores so we have everything our customers need when they call with us.


If your motorbike has been in storage over the winter and you haven't had a chance to dust it down and check those tyres, the Easter weekend is the perfect time to do that.  We are open Good Friday 8 - 6, Easter Saturday 9 - 5 to get you ready for your Easter Sunday or Monday ride-out.  We are open again on Easter Tuesday 8 - 6.


If you want any advice please call us on 028 9269 9107 and our staff will be pleased to chat through your tyre needs and give you a quote.


New depot in Lisburn

A One Tyres - Wednesday, March 08, 2017

A One Tyres is pleased to be opening a new tyre depot off the Old Hillsborough Road in Lisburn. This new depot offers the complete range of new tyres for cars, vans, 4x4 vehicles and motorbikes from brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, Goodyear Dunlop and Metzeler, to other budget makes as well as routine tyre maintenance.


The depot has opened in what used to be the old Car Care Centre in the Riverside Business complex beside Screwfix and opposite StyleHouse Lisburn. Customers will enjoy a warm reception area offering complimentary tea or coffee, and water dispenser withcomfortable seating. For those who need to keep working or simply want to browse, there’s free Wifi.


A One Tyres Lisburn offers computerised alignment and headlight alignment, as well as basic car accessories such as wiper blades, lamp bulbs and batteries.

Opening hours are 8 am – 6 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday with late night opening on Thursdays 8 am – 8 pm and 9 am – 5 pm on Saturdays. Garage services operate from the Dromore depot for car servicing and MoT preparation. A One Tyres also provides a 24 emergency call-out service.

Keeping an eye on the health of your tyres can make the difference between an accident and a near miss. Your tyres will also last longer, saving you money, and improved fuel economy. A One Tyres offers free, no obligation, tyre checks and advice to ensure the tyre pressure and tread is right for your vehicle. There is no appointment necessary, just call into our Lisburn or Dromore depots and ask at reception.

Keep up-to-date with A One Tyres offers and deals on their Facebook page or get a tyre quote on Tel: 028 9266 7551 (Lisburn) or 028 9269 9107 (Dromore) for more details.

Late night opening in Lisburn on Thursdays to 8pm


Goodyear Dunlop free fitting offer

A One Tyres - Thursday, March 17, 2016

We are offering FREE fitting on all Roadsmart III, Roadsmart II, SportSmart2 & Trailsmart tyres from 1 February until 30 April 2016.

Terms & conditions apply.

Contact our Dromore depot on 028 9269 9107 for more information.


Michelin moto tyres offer

A One Tyres - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Throughout February and March 2016 we are pleased to offer a great discount on Michelin motorbike tyres*.  We will give you discount of £25 per pair or £10 per single tyre purchased and fitted at our Dromore depot. 


*This offer applies to the following motorbike tyres:

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4
  • Michelin Power SuperSport Evo
  • Michelin Anakee III
  • Michelin PilotPower 3
  • Michelin Commander II


For further information please contact Aaron Clydesdale on 028 9269 9107


Outdoor waiting area

A One Tyres - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The weather is a mixed bag these days, but there have been some lovely warm days in early April.  

The weather forecast is looking promising.

As well as a comfortable indoor reception area, A One has an outdoor waiting area.  If you are making a tyre purchase, or getting a free tyre check, get your tea or coffee in our reception area and take it outdoors to enjoy the brighter days while you wait.

There are great deals and offers on tyres during April and May.  Check out the Michelin fuel voucher offer or the free hotel deal from Continental (terms and conditions apply).  There are also amazing discounts off Michelin motorbike tyres this month.

Make sure you don't miss out.  Call us on 028 9269 9107 for more details.

Motorbike season begins

A One Tyres - Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is a blog I first posted this time last year, not much changes ... another season about to start ... call in and get your tyres checked, or post a comment on our Facebook page (A-One Tyres) about anything you have planned for the motorbike season ... we love to hear your stories.

As I write this the sky is a deep blue, the wind is light and the road is inviting.  It is still on the cold side, but keen bikers will already be out, some have braved the winter storms and have been out in all weathers.  The more ‘seasonal’ motorbike enthusiasts will be dusting down helmets, getting out the old leathers to check they still fit after the indulgence of winter eating and doing the new season annual checks on motorbikes. Motorcycle Tyre fitting

And your motorcycle tyres should definitely be on that checklist.  What should you be looking for?

Motorcycle tyre pressures

Checking tyre pressures is the most important regular check.  This should be done very regularly, ideally before each ride, but definitely not more than every two or three weeks.  Always check pressures when the tyre is cold and if using a tyre gauge, ensure it is accurate and reliable.  Inflation should be to the correct pressure. Over-inflation reduces ride comfort and will give less road grip.  Under-inflation will result in poor handling, and in extreme cases may cause the bike to ‘wander’.  Like Goldilocks said “this one is just right”, get the tyre pressures right and this will maximise fuel consumption, comfort and safety.

Certainly after the bike has been in winter storage the tyre pressures should be checked before you take it on its first new season trip.  Bring your motorbike into our Dromore depot and we will happily carry out the tyre checks for you.

Tyre fittingMotorcycle tyre tread

Check the tyre tread depth, it should be a minimum of 1mm but much better to change the tyres before they get to 2mm tread depth.  Check for any cuts or bulges which might indicate tyre damage and need further expert investigation.

Motorcycle wheel balance

Always check the wheel balance after a tyre has been removed or replaced and after a long period of non-use.  Unbalanced wheels will cause vibration at higher speeds and will increase tyre wear.

General maintenance

Keeping your bike properly maintained will primarily improve safety on the road and give a better overall motorcycle riding experience.  But it also serves to get best wear from your tyres.  A poorly running machine will demand more from its tyres.

New tyres – choosing the right tyre

You may find you need new tyres.  On a motorbike getting the right tyre for your needs is very important and can be a minefield.  Whether you use your bike for touring on long road trips, for road racing or for your daily commute, we have experts at A One who can talk you through what is best suited for your motorcycle. 

We supply and fit motorcycle tyres while you wait in the comfort of our warm reception with a cup of tea or coffee.  Just ask for Aaron Clydesdale.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.

Reserve your vehicle tyres online

A One Tyres - Thursday, February 12, 2015

We are pleased to be offering an online tyre quote service (Reserve and Fit) on our website.  This service was launched at the end of last year.  

Reserve and Fit Tyres

This is part of A One Tyres’ initiative to continually improve our offering to our customers.    The process is easy, simply click on our GET A QUOTE link, complete the details required and we will send you a quote.  We will reserve the tyres at our Dromore depot and you can pick them up or come and have them fitted when it suits you.

If you are unsure of the size of tyres for your vehicle, check the sidewall of your tyres to see what is currently fitted.

Of course getting the right tyres for your vehicle isn’t just a matter of numbers.  Factors that make a difference include how many miles you do, your style of driving, where you do most of your travelling (on country roads or motorway) and passenger capacity, to name a few.  Getting this right will affect grip on the road, fuel consumption and ultimately passenger safety.  

We can help with this so you have the confidence you have the right tyre for your vehicle and driving requirements at the right price.

To speak to one of our experts please call 028 9269 9107

Please try out this new service.  If you are pleased with the result please post a review on Google, or  If you feel there are ways we can improve what we do please complete a form on our Contact Us page.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Tyres - the basics - questions about tyres you never thought to ask

A One Tyres - Thursday, October 16, 2014

Most of the time we simply take tyres for granted, we don’t think much about them, we just need tyres to keep turning so our vehicles can get from A to B without hassle.  To get the best from your tyres it often pays to know a little bit more.  However, some things we don’t need to know, but they are just interesting questions that you might ponder round your dinner table, like:

why are tyres black?

why do tyre treads look like they do? 

how long does it take to create a new type of tyre?

why has no one invented the puncture-proof tyre?

Continental Tyres has lots of technical staff who are able to answer these tyre related questions.  Check out some of the answers to these and other questions from Steve Howat of Continental Tyres – Technical Services.  Click here

A One Tyres achieves Michelin Certified Centre 2014 status

A One Tyres - Thursday, July 10, 2014

For a number of consecutive years now A One Tyres has achieved Michelin Certified Centre status.  And 2014 is no exception.   A One Tyres is one of only three tyre dealerships in Northern Ireland to achieve this status for 2014.  This means that A One Tyres has been audited and accredited with providing a service to a standard approved by Michelin Europe-wide.

This status was confirmed at a Michelin Certified Centre seminar held in Mullingar recently, attended by Jean Chambers, at which best practice, business trends and issues facing the tyre industry were discussed.

Michelin StandardIn meeting the standard approved by Michelin,  A One Tyres had to pass a stringent independent audit of operations covering aspects such as quality of the workshop and buildings, levels of customer service and personnel requirements including staff skills and training.  Key assessment areas include ensuring the building and premises are suitable to provide the quality of service required; ensuring the customer waiting facilities are up to standard; certifying the quality and method of workmanship; ensuring all required equipment is up to specification; and ensuring that staff have the technical knowledge to carry out a first class job.  There are also checks to ensure that the level of customer care is at the very top level.

A One Tyres Depot manager Aaron Clydesdale said “We welcome this Michelin audit each year as it recognises how we do things in A One Tyres.  Our aim is to give the customer a first class service and keep our staff trained to the highest standards.  We are pleased that Michelin recognises this in this way.”

Michelin say of this standard,  "Centres that achieve this status signify a centre of excellence within the industry giving consumers confidence that a high level of quality and service will be provided at all times."

This assurance is something we hope will give A One Tyres customers confident of an excellent all round experience as they use the depot, from the moment they enter reception until they leave the premises with business done.

For further information contact us on 028 9269 9107.

First Class Customer Experience

A One Tyres - Thursday, November 14, 2013

If you have recently bought tyres from us or called in for a tyre check, please let us know how we have done. We are always keen to know how we could improve our service delivery, we want your experience to be first class.  Help us make it so by sending us a message with your feedback and suggestions.  Click here