Motorbike season begins

A One Tyres - Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is a blog I first posted this time last year, not much changes ... another season about to start ... call in and get your tyres checked, or post a comment on our Facebook page (A-One Tyres) about anything you have planned for the motorbike season ... we love to hear your stories.

As I write this the sky is a deep blue, the wind is light and the road is inviting.  It is still on the cold side, but keen bikers will already be out, some have braved the winter storms and have been out in all weathers.  The more ‘seasonal’ motorbike enthusiasts will be dusting down helmets, getting out the old leathers to check they still fit after the indulgence of winter eating and doing the new season annual checks on motorbikes. Motorcycle Tyre fitting

And your motorcycle tyres should definitely be on that checklist.  What should you be looking for?

Motorcycle tyre pressures

Checking tyre pressures is the most important regular check.  This should be done very regularly, ideally before each ride, but definitely not more than every two or three weeks.  Always check pressures when the tyre is cold and if using a tyre gauge, ensure it is accurate and reliable.  Inflation should be to the correct pressure. Over-inflation reduces ride comfort and will give less road grip.  Under-inflation will result in poor handling, and in extreme cases may cause the bike to ‘wander’.  Like Goldilocks said “this one is just right”, get the tyre pressures right and this will maximise fuel consumption, comfort and safety.

Certainly after the bike has been in winter storage the tyre pressures should be checked before you take it on its first new season trip.  Bring your motorbike into our Dromore depot and we will happily carry out the tyre checks for you.

Tyre fittingMotorcycle tyre tread

Check the tyre tread depth, it should be a minimum of 1mm but much better to change the tyres before they get to 2mm tread depth.  Check for any cuts or bulges which might indicate tyre damage and need further expert investigation.

Motorcycle wheel balance

Always check the wheel balance after a tyre has been removed or replaced and after a long period of non-use.  Unbalanced wheels will cause vibration at higher speeds and will increase tyre wear.

General maintenance

Keeping your bike properly maintained will primarily improve safety on the road and give a better overall motorcycle riding experience.  But it also serves to get best wear from your tyres.  A poorly running machine will demand more from its tyres.

New tyres – choosing the right tyre

You may find you need new tyres.  On a motorbike getting the right tyre for your needs is very important and can be a minefield.  Whether you use your bike for touring on long road trips, for road racing or for your daily commute, we have experts at A One who can talk you through what is best suited for your motorcycle. 

We supply and fit motorcycle tyres while you wait in the comfort of our warm reception with a cup of tea or coffee.  Just ask for Aaron Clydesdale.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.