Michelin moto tyres offer

A One Tyres - Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Throughout February and March 2016 we are pleased to offer a great discount on Michelin motorbike tyres*.  We will give you discount of £25 per pair or £10 per single tyre purchased and fitted at our Dromore depot. 


*This offer applies to the following motorbike tyres:

  • Michelin Pilot Road 4
  • Michelin Power SuperSport Evo
  • Michelin Anakee III
  • Michelin PilotPower 3
  • Michelin Commander II


For further information please contact Aaron Clydesdale on 028 9269 9107


Out for a drive in Belfast

A One Tyres - Tuesday, July 21, 2015

When the bus lanes were introduced to Belfast in October 2012 there was public outcry at the obvious chaos that they brought with them. Motorists struggled to break commuting habits and were left sitting in long queues of traffic. A typical 15 minute journey had turned into two hours some evenings as the new lanes were opened and the private traffic tried to squeeze into reduced zones.


The policy behind the “Belfast on the Move” scheme however, had never intended to make life easier for private car drivers; their purpose was to focus on the movement of people. This was done through increasing the importance of allocating the city’s road space in a more proportionate way, as it was reported that 40% of households did not even have access to a private car.


As time subsided we heard less and less about the new bus lanes in the media. So did the Department for Regional Development (DRD) achieve their goals? The scheme has indeed been deemed a success as per their Post Implementation Impact Study, published last year. For the first time, less than half of the people travelling into the City Centre are doing so by private car.  Increased use of public transport (bus and rail have both risen by 13%), walking (3%) and cycling (1%) to work are promoting a healthier, more socially inclusive lifestyle. 


 With the recent introduction of cameras on the bus lanes, they are back in the eye of the media. Accusations are being thrown at DRD of further penalizing over-stretched drivers. However, Ciaran de Burca, the Director of Transport Projects at the department states that they are “not anti-motorist” and the fixed cameras have been installed at traffic hotspots where “there is a lot of frustration with the fact that people drive down bus lanes illegally; what we are trying to do is make life safer and better for everybody” (Belfast Telegraph, July 2015).


The cost of introducing the latest enforcement system has been around £200,000.  In the ‘honeymoon period’ before the fines went live over 3000 warning letters went out, 1,100 of those in the first four days.


The actual number of penalty charges that were issued in week one was 1273; at a rate of up to £90 each it will not be very long brightefore the implementation costs are recuperated.                                                                

Although the number of vehicles travelling to and from Belfast at peak times has reduced by an average of over 1,900, the queues still remain due to reduced lanes, therefore the sight of an empty bus lane will remain very tempting for some motorists to continue to take the risk of receiving a penalty for doing so.


To help address the low cycling numbers the Belfast Coca-Cola Zero Bike Share scheme was launched and this is proving to be a very popular initiative with over 1,000 rentals a day reported by Belfast City Council.

Check your tyre tread depths, worth the hassle

A One Tyres - Monday, April 27, 2015

We are always recommending our customers check their tyres regularly.  This Continental Tyres video shows why this is important.   The presenter is both a mother and a racing driver.  Check out the stopping distances in wet conditions.  That could be the difference in stopping without incident and having a serious accident.  Worth a watch.

If you don't want to check your own tyres, we are happy to do it for you, just call into our Dromore depot and our experts will carry out a check and advise you, no pressure, no stress.  You can even get a free coffee while you wait.


Travelling legally and safely with your pets

A One Tyres - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Last summer the RAC wrote an interesting article on travelling safely with our pets.  Click here for the full story.

Some highlights ...  

It is important to ensure the safety of your other passengers and your pets while travelling this summer.  Here are a few top tips:


  • Ensure your pet is safely secured using a seatbelt and harness, or in a crate or travel box
  • Bring ample food and water for your pet on long journeys.  Feed your animal before setting off, they are more likely to sleep on the trip and be less of a driver distraction.  That makes for a more pleasant journey all round.
  • Never leave your animal unattended in the car.  In sunny weather dogs and cats dehydrate in stuffy cars very quickly. Leaving a window slightly open or parking in the shade is not enough. Your pet may also be at risk from being stolen when left alone in a car.
  • Don't let your dog hang it's head out of the car window, this is dangerous and can be distracting for the driver.
  • Ensure your pet has adequate exercise on long journeys, plan your journey to include pet comfort breaks. 


During the better weather there is nothing nicer than loading up your kids and pets to head for woodland or a good beach for a long walk.  Do that, but do it safely for humans and pets alike.




Outdoor waiting area

A One Tyres - Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The weather is a mixed bag these days, but there have been some lovely warm days in early April.  

The weather forecast is looking promising.

As well as a comfortable indoor reception area, A One has an outdoor waiting area.  If you are making a tyre purchase, or getting a free tyre check, get your tea or coffee in our reception area and take it outdoors to enjoy the brighter days while you wait.

There are great deals and offers on tyres during April and May.  Check out the Michelin fuel voucher offer or the free hotel deal from Continental (terms and conditions apply).  There are also amazing discounts off Michelin motorbike tyres this month.

Make sure you don't miss out.  Call us on 028 9269 9107 for more details.

Continental tyres offer free hotel break

A One Tyres - Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Continental Tyres is offering you the chance to enjoy a free hotel break for 2 when you purchase 2 or more Continental tyres.  The offer is open between 1 April and 31 May 2015.  

Call into our Dromore depot and purchase 2 Continental tyres today and you will be well on your way to enjoying a relaxing hotel break.  

To make the most of your break Continental recommend road trips around UK and Ireland.  

Check out Northern Irelands Dark Hedges and the Wild Atlantic Way from north to south of Ireland's coasts. Spectacular!  Your new Continental tyres will enjoy the run out too while you enjoy the view.Continental Tyres

You will need to register and claim your offer online.

Terms and conditions apply.  

For more information go to continentalroadtrip.com

Truck tyre ... hula hooping ...

A One Tyres - Friday, March 27, 2015

We loved this link showing a grown man hula hooping with a truck tyre.  We threw out the challenge on our Facebook page yesterday to see if any of our Tyrefitters (or Admin staff!?) can do better.  We'll post any responses to this challenge here. Training might be required ...

Motorbike season begins

A One Tyres - Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is a blog I first posted this time last year, not much changes ... another season about to start ... call in and get your tyres checked, or post a comment on our Facebook page (A-One Tyres) about anything you have planned for the motorbike season ... we love to hear your stories.

As I write this the sky is a deep blue, the wind is light and the road is inviting.  It is still on the cold side, but keen bikers will already be out, some have braved the winter storms and have been out in all weathers.  The more ‘seasonal’ motorbike enthusiasts will be dusting down helmets, getting out the old leathers to check they still fit after the indulgence of winter eating and doing the new season annual checks on motorbikes. Motorcycle Tyre fitting

And your motorcycle tyres should definitely be on that checklist.  What should you be looking for?

Motorcycle tyre pressures

Checking tyre pressures is the most important regular check.  This should be done very regularly, ideally before each ride, but definitely not more than every two or three weeks.  Always check pressures when the tyre is cold and if using a tyre gauge, ensure it is accurate and reliable.  Inflation should be to the correct pressure. Over-inflation reduces ride comfort and will give less road grip.  Under-inflation will result in poor handling, and in extreme cases may cause the bike to ‘wander’.  Like Goldilocks said “this one is just right”, get the tyre pressures right and this will maximise fuel consumption, comfort and safety.

Certainly after the bike has been in winter storage the tyre pressures should be checked before you take it on its first new season trip.  Bring your motorbike into our Dromore depot and we will happily carry out the tyre checks for you.

Tyre fittingMotorcycle tyre tread

Check the tyre tread depth, it should be a minimum of 1mm but much better to change the tyres before they get to 2mm tread depth.  Check for any cuts or bulges which might indicate tyre damage and need further expert investigation.

Motorcycle wheel balance

Always check the wheel balance after a tyre has been removed or replaced and after a long period of non-use.  Unbalanced wheels will cause vibration at higher speeds and will increase tyre wear.

General maintenance

Keeping your bike properly maintained will primarily improve safety on the road and give a better overall motorcycle riding experience.  But it also serves to get best wear from your tyres.  A poorly running machine will demand more from its tyres.

New tyres – choosing the right tyre

You may find you need new tyres.  On a motorbike getting the right tyre for your needs is very important and can be a minefield.  Whether you use your bike for touring on long road trips, for road racing or for your daily commute, we have experts at A One who can talk you through what is best suited for your motorcycle. 

We supply and fit motorcycle tyres while you wait in the comfort of our warm reception with a cup of tea or coffee.  Just ask for Aaron Clydesdale.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.

Driving into the future

A One Tyres - Monday, March 16, 2015
We all love a glimpse into the future.  What will our world be like?  How will everything work?  Will we have a cleaner environment?  Which fuel will be used to power our homes, our workplaces and our vehicles?  What will our transport look like?  

The five most desirable cars of Geneva 2015

A One Tyres - Thursday, March 12, 2015

Continental Tyres bring us a flavour of the Geneva motorshow 2015.  Check out the five most desirable cars of Geneva 2015 sporting Continental Tyres here