Michelin helping you stay safe on the road

A One Tyres - Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Michelin fuel gift card is back.  From 1 March to 30 April 2015 if you purchase 2 or more Michelin tyres you will be able to claim a fuel gift card for anything from £10 up to maximum £100.

Do this in 3 simple steps

1) Purchase your tyres from our Dromore depot

2) Go to the Michelin website, enter the promotion code on your leaflet

3) Michelin will send you a confirmation email and your fuel gift card within 28 days.

This offer applies to car, van and 4x4 tyres only.  Maximum one claim per vehicle.

For more information contact us on 028 9269 9107.

Reserve your vehicle tyres online

A One Tyres - Thursday, February 12, 2015

We are pleased to be offering an online tyre quote service (Reserve and Fit) on our website.  This service was launched at the end of last year.  

Reserve and Fit Tyres

This is part of A One Tyres’ initiative to continually improve our offering to our customers.    The process is easy, simply click on our GET A QUOTE link, complete the details required and we will send you a quote.  We will reserve the tyres at our Dromore depot and you can pick them up or come and have them fitted when it suits you.

If you are unsure of the size of tyres for your vehicle, check the sidewall of your tyres to see what is currently fitted.

Of course getting the right tyres for your vehicle isn’t just a matter of numbers.  Factors that make a difference include how many miles you do, your style of driving, where you do most of your travelling (on country roads or motorway) and passenger capacity, to name a few.  Getting this right will affect grip on the road, fuel consumption and ultimately passenger safety.  

We can help with this so you have the confidence you have the right tyre for your vehicle and driving requirements at the right price.

To speak to one of our experts please call 028 9269 9107

Please try out this new service.  If you are pleased with the result please post a review on Google, or Yell.com.  If you feel there are ways we can improve what we do please complete a form on our Contact Us page.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Be ready for winter weather

A One Tyres - Thursday, October 30, 2014

Despite the fact we are enjoying unseasonably warm weather for October, rumours abound that there is a cold snap looming.  Some say “bring it on”, others are not so keen.  Like it or not, icy conditions on the roads are a hazard and in Northern Ireland we always seem to be surprised by it. 

So let’s give some thought to how to be prepared.  With regards to your car, having your tyres in the best condition possible is a good place to start so you are less likely to be grounded in freezing conditions.  Here are a few top tips to ensure you are prepared for cold weather:

  • If your winter tyres have been in our ‘tyre hotel’ during the summer it is high time you got them back on your vehicle and give your warm weather tyres a rest.
  • Top up your screen wash, if you only have water in there it is more likely to freeze
  • Carry windscreen de-icer in your car for those chilly nights you’ve been out and want to get home quickly and safely.  You need maximum visibility from your car windows.
  • Check your tyre tread and pressure.  Think about winter tyres, they give you extra braking distance and improved grip on the road.
  • Make sure your car lights are all clean and working, replace any bulbs and get headlights aligned if required
  • Check your brakes
  • If you get stuck in bad weather and can’t get traction on the road, a good tip is to use foot mats behind the tyres to help get you out of a tight spot. 
  • In extreme freezing conditions carry a spade, some sand and emergency supplies in the boot of your car.  Make wise decisions about whether your journey is really necessary.

If you need vehicle tyres checked or your car serviced in preparation for winter, just contact A One Tyres to get your car booked in to our Garage Services Department.   For further advice or information call A One Tyres on 028 9269 9107.

Tyres should never be the reason for your car failing the MOT

A One Tyres - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

According to a recent article in the Telegraph, “over 2.2 million cars failed their MOT test with tyre-related problems last year”.  The figures were obtained from Tyresafe.  Tyresafe’s Chairman said “It beggars belief that so many motorists can fail their MoT because of unsafe or illegal tyres.”  

And right enough, it is an unbelievable statistic that so many drivers have let their tyres deteriorate to such a state that the cars fail an MOT!   As the article points out, tyres are so vital to safety on the roads, particularly at this time of year when road conditions can be treacherous.  Why do so many motorists send their cars to be tested without checking the state of their tyres themselves or calling in to a tyre depot to get it done for them by the experts?

The A One Tyres’s loyalty scheme encourages customers to come in regularly for a free tyre check.  So, even if your car is not going for MoT just yet, you can be confident the tyres are safe and fully legal.  For more details just ask at reception.

Each car that comes in for an MOT check with A One Tyres gets their tyres checked as a routine part of the service.  If the car needs new tyres we will ensure that the customer knows what their options are.  This way our customers are guaranteed that their car will not fail its MoT on tyre-related issues.

In summary, there are a number of simple reasons to ensure your tyres are checked regularly:

  • safety on the road all year round, but particularly over the winter months
  • it keeps your tyres legal, avoiding penalty points
  • your car will not fail the MoT for tyre-related issues incurring extra cost

So next time you are passing our Dromore, Co Down depot, call in and ask at reception to have your car tyres checked, it is an absolutely free service.  Should you require replacement tyres our experts will talk through this purchase with you to ensure you get the best tyres for your car taking into account your driving habits.

If you need your car serviced, or prepared for MoT, call Jean in our Garage Services Department to book an appointment.  For further advice or information call A One Tyres on 028 9269 9107

Tyres - the basics - questions about tyres you never thought to ask

A One Tyres - Thursday, October 16, 2014

Most of the time we simply take tyres for granted, we don’t think much about them, we just need tyres to keep turning so our vehicles can get from A to B without hassle.  To get the best from your tyres it often pays to know a little bit more.  However, some things we don’t need to know, but they are just interesting questions that you might ponder round your dinner table, like:

why are tyres black?

why do tyre treads look like they do? 

how long does it take to create a new type of tyre?

why has no one invented the puncture-proof tyre?

Continental Tyres has lots of technical staff who are able to answer these tyre related questions.  Check out some of the answers to these and other questions from Steve Howat of Continental Tyres – Technical Services.  Click here

Tyre Safety October 2014 - Safe Tyres Saves Lives

A One Tyres - Friday, October 10, 2014

Ageing tyres can affect the safety of your tyres, safe tyres saves lives

This week there has been a particular focus on tyre safety in the Province.  The Northern Ireland Tyre Safety Association (NITSA) in partnership with the PSNI and the National Tyre Distributors' Association (NTDA) have held Tyre Safety Week 6 - 12 October 2014.  This year's Tyre Safety Week campaign is focusing on educating the public of the potential dangers of old tyres and urging people to check their tyres.  

Politicians, law enforcers and experts in the tyre industry have been highlighting the dangers of part worn tyres.  Purchasing older tyres can be a false economy as they can increase fuel consumption, while reducing tyre performance and safety.  Just 8% of part-worn tyres tested by local authorities in Northern Ireland fully complied with safety regulations while a staggering 35% (13 out of 37 tested) had serious faults that would potentially affect the safety of the tyre.

No matter what type of vehicle you are driving, it is vital to check your tyres regularly.  Coming into the winter months when driving conditions may be tricky it is even more important to keep your tyres in good condition.

A One Tyres has a customer loyalty scheme which makes checking your tyres easy, it is all done for you, just call into our Dromore depot and request a tyre check.  It is completely free, and you can enjoy a cup of coffee in our comfortable reception area while you are waiting.   Joining the loyalty scheme means you will benefit from various offers and giveaways as well as having peace of mind that your tyres are roadworthy.  Ask in our reception, or telephone us on 028 9269 9107 for details.  

A One Tyres achieves Michelin Certified Centre 2014 status

A One Tyres - Thursday, July 10, 2014

For a number of consecutive years now A One Tyres has achieved Michelin Certified Centre status.  And 2014 is no exception.   A One Tyres is one of only three tyre dealerships in Northern Ireland to achieve this status for 2014.  This means that A One Tyres has been audited and accredited with providing a service to a standard approved by Michelin Europe-wide.

This status was confirmed at a Michelin Certified Centre seminar held in Mullingar recently, attended by Jean Chambers, at which best practice, business trends and issues facing the tyre industry were discussed.

Michelin StandardIn meeting the standard approved by Michelin,  A One Tyres had to pass a stringent independent audit of operations covering aspects such as quality of the workshop and buildings, levels of customer service and personnel requirements including staff skills and training.  Key assessment areas include ensuring the building and premises are suitable to provide the quality of service required; ensuring the customer waiting facilities are up to standard; certifying the quality and method of workmanship; ensuring all required equipment is up to specification; and ensuring that staff have the technical knowledge to carry out a first class job.  There are also checks to ensure that the level of customer care is at the very top level.

A One Tyres Depot manager Aaron Clydesdale said “We welcome this Michelin audit each year as it recognises how we do things in A One Tyres.  Our aim is to give the customer a first class service and keep our staff trained to the highest standards.  We are pleased that Michelin recognises this in this way.”

Michelin say of this standard,  "Centres that achieve this status signify a centre of excellence within the industry giving consumers confidence that a high level of quality and service will be provided at all times."

This assurance is something we hope will give A One Tyres customers confident of an excellent all round experience as they use the depot, from the moment they enter reception until they leave the premises with business done.

For further information contact us on 028 9269 9107.

Don't miss out on summer at A One Tyres

A One Tyres - Thursday, July 03, 2014

We have been very fortunate with the lovely weather in the last few weeks.  Barra Best is forecasting rain soon (and of course the gardeners will be glad of that).  But so far at A One Tyres our new outdoor waiting area is looking inviting and being well used.  It has only been around a few weeks and we wanted you to see what we have done.

We created this area to allow our customers to enjoy a tea or coffee in the open air and not miss out on those precious rays that we get so little of in Northern Ireland.

So when you need your car tyres checked or are calling in to get a puncture fixed, or you are a biker wanting to chat over your tyre options with our bike expert, Aaron Clydesdale,  feel free to make use of this area.

Of course, if you're not an outdoor person, you can still enjoy our comfortable reception area and watch your car being worked on.  It's your choice.

If you want to price tyres please call us on 028 9269 9107.  

Giro d'Italia comes to Northern Ireland

A One Tyres - Thursday, May 08, 2014

There is plenty of media coverage of the arrival of thousands of cyclists and cycling enthusiasts coming to Northern Ireland to witness the phenomenon which is the Giro d’Italia.  Be honest, how many of you had heard of this spectacular event before this year? maybe not too many?  But it is here! 

Today (Thursday 8th May) there is an opening ceremony at Belfast City Hall at 5.30 pm when the cyclists will be part of a live outdoor show.   The racing will be in 3 stages after that, starting in Titanic Belfast on Friday and finishing this leg of the race in Dublin on Sunday.  Further details are available at Giro Start 2014.

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board is saying that the 4 million pounds spent on getting ready for this event will be recouped in the 10 million pounds of international media coverage, showcasing our lovely Northern Ireland as a destination of choice.   The weather may put a slight dampener on proceedings, but come rain or shine, there is no hiding the beauty of the scenic route round the north coast, the interest of our historic city of Armagh and the recently revived Belfast Titanic quarter.  We have plenty to show off, and we are doing it in style this weekend.

So, no matter if you donning the pink rain coat to get involved, or you are avoiding the road closures to try and get on with normal life, we hope you enjoy the weekend (even if it is just the news coverage).  Stay safe!

For information on road closures see Traffic Watch NI.

Change to warm weather tyres

A One Tyres - Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you have made use of A One Tyres “Tyre Hotel” for your warm weather tyres and you haven’t already done so, in order to maximise your winter tyre use, you should probably think about calling in to our Dromore Depot and getting your winter tyres off and your summer tyres back on. 

While you can drive on winter tyres all year round, they perform better in conditions under 7 degrees Celsius and so to save their wear for the chilly winter months get your change-over to summer tyres done in the next few weeks.

The forecasters are predicting a warm summer.  We are looking forward to the 6 week heat wave forecast for the not too distant future.  But even if a heat wave doesn’t materialise, we are hopeful that temperatures will be rising in the next few weeks.  So it is time for those tyre changeovers. 

While you are in reception why don’t you enquire about our Customer Loyalty Scheme to make the most of your visits to our Depot.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.