When is a tyre not a tyre?

A One Tyres - Thursday, March 27, 2014

... when it's re-used or recycled ...

Some people in A One Tyres are just tyre crazy?  That could well be true.  We are always on the look-out for new and unusual information on tyres and how they can be used.  The most conventional way to use a tyre of course, is on our customers’ vehicles.  But read on ...

Tyre recycling

Every month we pay a considerable amount of money for tyres no longer required by our customers, to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.  There are whole industries built up around this kind of waste management.  But when is a tyre actually retired? how many ways can a tyre be reused or recycled?  Tyres can last a lot longer than you might imagine.

At our Dromore depot we have re-used a tractor tyre to bring a little colour outside reception.  This tyre is simply turned inside out and a little imaginative cutting used.

While out and about (or surfing the net) we have found some rather more inventive uses for tyres.  Over the summer keep an eye out in the countryside and try counting how many times you see a tyre used to moor a boat. 

You could imagine James Bond mooring his boat here while on a clandestine mission ...


Some people use old tyres to set boundaries ...

But what about some artistic input, what about this for a sculpture made from tyres, amazing!

Tyre Sculpture

Or this creative child's swing ... 

We have heard of tyres being used to anchor clothes lines, of shredded tyres being recycled into garden furniture.  What is the most unusual re-use or recycle of tyres you have come across? Why don't you let us know on our Facebook page.  The whackier the better.

Spring is in the air, time for a vehicle check?

A One Tyres - Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Beautiful bright spring days forecast, but still a chill in the air.  This may turn our thoughts to tidying, cleaning up and clearing out - the great spring clean.  Our homes get a lick of paint, our gardens are dug out but sometimes our vehicles get forgotten.  There are few things we should consider in relation to our vehicle checks: 

Tyre check

Well, obviously, being a tyre company, we are going to recommend regular tyre checks.  Not just once a year, but every couple of weeks.  There are several good reasons for doing this, which include maximising tyre tread, minimising fuel use and keeping your vehicle firmly in touch with the road.  

We can do all this for you, for further information on our customer loyalty scheme click here.

Vehicle service

We recommend that your vehicle is serviced regularly.  A full service is probably only required every other service.  But a basic oil change should be done according to the manufacturer recommendations for your car.  This may be every 5,000, 10,000 or even 15,000 miles.  Our car service department will take care of this for you.  Call Jean on 028 9269 9107 to book an appointment or set up a regular vehicle service reminder.

Other vehicle checks

Here are some things you should regularly check on your vehicle.  There may be other checks not included here.

  • Oil levels
  • Brake check & brake fluid levels
  • Battery check
  • Engine coolant levels: stops freezing in cold weather, prevents overheating in warm weather
  • Windscreen washer refill
  • Indicators, brake, rear and head lights
  • Exhaust check
  • Steering and suspension check

MOT inspections

The necessity for preparing your car for MOT may cover some of the basics in keeping your vehicle right for the road.  Our car service department will take care of MOT preparation and bringing your car to be tested. 

However, nothing beats a regular service outside of the MOT preparation, to help catch things before they cause damage to your car and to reduce the possibility of roadside breakdown.  More of us are keeping our cars on the road for longer so keeping your car service history up to date is becoming more important.

We offer a courtesy car service to minimise disruption for you while your own car is being serviced with us.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.

Tyre Checks - take the pressure off your pockets and put it into your tyres

A One Tyres - Thursday, February 06, 2014

A little time spent now and again on simple checks, can save money on your tyres in the long run.  In our busy lives, why should you spend precious time checking your tyres every month?

Customer Loyalty

Here are a few reasons why you should, which will also put money back in your pocket:

Improved fuel consumption

Low tyre pressures in one or more tyre can increase ‘drag’ on your vehicle.  For the most economical effect on your fuel consumption you need your tyres to be the correct pressure.  We can advise on what that pressure should be for your vehicle.

Less wear and tear

Low or high tyre pressure will cause uneven wear on your tyres.  This will reduce the tyre’s performance both in grip on the road and wear to the tyre.  If you rarely or never check your tyres, you are likely to end up having to change your tyres more often.

Detection of tyre irregularities

Regular tyre inspections will help detect any irregular wear, damage, slow punctures or wheel swaps needed.  Taking action sooner rather than later will increase the life of the tyre, maximise grip, comfort and safety.

Load safety

Not many people think of the importance of having the correct pressure for different loads.  If you are used to travelling alone on your daily commute the recommended tyre pressure will be different than when you set off on your annual driving holiday to France with your whole family, the suitcases and the dog.  If you don’t adjust the tyre pressure to suit the load, stopping distances and grip on the road will be affected.

A One Tyres – pressure checks

We want our customers to get the very best performance from their tyres.  Regular tyre checks are an important part of achieving this.  We want A One customers to know when they come to spend money on their tyres that they have maximised the use of their tyres.

A One Tyres – customer loyalty scheme

There are obvious advantages of regular tyre checks that we have outlined here.  But at A One we have gone a step further by launching a customer loyalty scheme that promotes regular tyre checks and is absolutely free.   Simply call in every 4 weeks or so and get your tyres checked.  The checks and tyre advice come free, and on every third visit to A One you will be entitled to a free car wash.  What is there to lose?  Sign up today.  You can even get complimentary cup of coffee in our comfortable reception while your tyres are being checked.  What you do with the advice is entirely up to you.

Of course you can check your tyre pressures yourself and if you feel your tyres need some TLC we are here to help.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.

A One Tyres sponsors Carl Phillips in this motorbike season

A One Tyres - Thursday, January 23, 2014

A One Tyres is pleased to be sponsoring Carl Phillips' in his motorbike racing this incoming 2014 season.  We are excited to see how Carl gets on.  He is an upcoming talent in the racing fraternity, described as "one of Ireland's hottest up and coming riders".  We will be posting details of how he gets on as the season progresses.  Meanwhile check out this YouTube video of Carl introducing himself at last year's Adelaide Masters Series - Carl appears to be much more relaxed on his motorbike than in front of the camera ... what do you think?

Carl is also a valued member of our tyrefitting team here at A One.  He has been trained in fitting motorbike tyres by Aaron Clydesdale, who himself is sought by bikers from all parts of Ireland wanting the best advice and expertise about the purchase and fitting of their motorbike tyres.  Motorcycle tyre fitting requires specialist attention to detail, we have that in bucket loads here.

Take care in those races Carl, we need you back here after each weekend outing.

Car tyre repair kits may end up costing you more

A One Tyres - Friday, January 17, 2014

Recently my dad bought a new car, well a second hand car, but new to him.  My dad is old school and he was quite upset to discover that the car did not have a spare tyre.  Where the tyre should be was a mould of Styrofoam.  He was not impressed.

Why do some manufacturers no longer put spare tyres in some models?

There is a constant drive among manufacturers to make their cars fuel efficient and eco-friendly.  Almost 30% of all new cars manufactured now do not have spare wheels.  The lighter the car is, the more miles per gallon it will do.  Clearly this sells cars when fuel is so expensive.  However, you should stop and think.  How much are you saving by not carrying a spare tyre compared to the hassle and expense of what happens when you get a puncture and have no spare wheel?

What do you do when you get a puncture?

Most people have never repaired a car tyre puncture themselves, but more people will have to learn how to use a car tyre repair kit.  Up to now, (the good old days, my dad would say) when you get a puncture, you change the tyre and take it to a tyre depot to see if it can be repaired.  That’s if you have a spare tyre.

What happens when you have no spare tyre?

Using manufacturer supplied car repair kit

Some cars are equipped with a sealant-based tyre repair kit.  You inject the sealant through the valve and use the portable compressor unit to reinflate the tyre.  If the tyre cannot be re-inflated the puncture will not be repairable and you will need to call for roadside assistance.  If you have been able to temporarily repair the puncture then you will need to drive to the nearest tyre depot for a permanent repair.   You should keep your speed under 30 mph for the first 3 miles, then check the tyre again.  After that you should drive no faster than 50 mph to the nearest puncture repair centre. 

At this point you may be able to have the puncture repaired, or you may need to purchase a new tyre.  But you will definitely have to replace the sealant canister at a cost of anything from £28 to £50 to be ready for your next puncture experience!

Run-flat tyres

Some vehicles have run-flat tyres which allow you to keep driving for a distance after getting a puncture.  You should drive no further than 50 miles on most run-flat tyres and keep your speed down.  We will put up more information on run-flat tyres in a future blog post.

Are tyre repair kits cost efficient? Well, not necessarily …

Research by Which magazine in May 2013 showed that when you get a puncture, replacing the sealant canister and the tyre can prove more expensive than the fuel you saved by not having a spare tyre on board.   Of course, you might be lucky and never have a puncture, but given the pot holes and debris on our roads, the odds are not good.

So next time you change your car, don’t forget to check if it has a spare tyre.  If it doesn’t, consider asking the dealer to provide you with a spare to stash in your shed or garage (included in the purchase price of course).  If you find your vehicle has a puncture outside your front door, it will be less hassle (and more cost effective) to change the tyre and get the puncture repaired in the normal way.   Of course, if you are out and about without a spare tyre, you are back to square one.

If you are interested in buying a spare tyre, please call us on 028 9269 9107 and we will happy to help, or complete one of our contact forms and we will get back to you.

The important thing to remember is, always get your puncture repaired by experts who will tell you if it is not repairable so that your car is safe and insured on the road.

Week 6 A One Tyres Christmas and New Year Giveaway

A One Tyres - Friday, January 10, 2014
Chase away the January blues and start 2014 with a smile by entering the last of the Christmas / New Year prize draw giveaways.  What better way to start 2014 than by winning £100 worth of Love2Shop vouchers.

Here's how you can enter, fill in the competition form and like and share our Facebook post to be in with a chance to win this prize draw. The draw for this prize takes place on Monday 27th January 2014.

This competition is now closed

Don't forget that everyone who enters into each prize draw your name will also be entered into a second draw to be in with the chance to win a £100 A One Tyres money-off voucher.  This money-off draw will take place on Friday 31 January 2014.

You have nothing to lose, hit like and share and enter through the competition form.  Go for it, you know you want to.

Week 4 - Prize Draw Winner

A One Tyres - Thursday, January 02, 2014

Our latest winner, Stephen Prentice, called into A One Tyres reception earlier today to collect the Sony DVD player and DVD's which he won in last week's prize draw giveaway.

Stephen hasn't seen any of the DVD's he has won.   We hope he will enjoy spending a few hours of 2014 chilling out with Ironman 3, Despicable Me and the TV hit show, Big Bang Theory on his new DVD player.  

Another entertainment prize is up for grabs shortly, keep checking our Facebook page and our website for details.

More prize draws during January, to help keep those post Christmas blues away.

Week 2 Prize Draw Winner

A One Tyres - Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The week 2 prize draw winner, Aaron Hazley called in a few days ago to pick up his winnings.  Sarah-Ann Cairns presented Aaron with the ipod and speakers.

Happy listening Aaron, we hope you enjoy your new toy.

Week 3 - A One Tyres Christmas and New Year Giveaway

A One Tyres - Friday, December 13, 2013
And yet another week of the A One Tyres December and January weekly giveaways. We have had two winners so far!  

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you are very welcome, if you are returning, welcome back. Tell your friends about us.

Don't delay, fill in the competition form and like and share our Facebook post to be in with a chance to win this week’s prize draw of a Digital Photo Frame. The draw for this prize will take place on Friday 20 December.

This competition has now closed.  Watch out for week 4 prize draw.

And to make it more interesting, for everyone who enters into each prize draw your name will also be entered into a second draw to be in with the chance to win a £100 A One Tyres money-off voucher, a great help with your tyre or car service budgeting this winter. This draw will take place at the end of January 2014.

The prize draws are weekly, and if you’re not in, you can’t win!


Week 1 - prize draw winner

A One Tyres - Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Local man, William Tinsley called into our Depot at Dromore to pick up the £40 Tannery voucher he won in our online competition that closed last Friday.    Mr Tinsley collected the voucher from Wilson Mackey.

We hope Mr Tinsley enjoys the meal at whichever eatery he chooses, The Tannery, The Pheasant or The Plough.  All three get great reviews.  

Don’t forget to enter the other prize draws that are running right through to the New Year.  

Check out our blog posts and Facebook page for details of how to enter.