Tyre Checks - take the pressure off your pockets and put it into your tyres

A One Tyres - Thursday, February 06, 2014

A little time spent now and again on simple checks, can save money on your tyres in the long run.  In our busy lives, why should you spend precious time checking your tyres every month?

Customer Loyalty

Here are a few reasons why you should, which will also put money back in your pocket:

Improved fuel consumption

Low tyre pressures in one or more tyre can increase ‘drag’ on your vehicle.  For the most economical effect on your fuel consumption you need your tyres to be the correct pressure.  We can advise on what that pressure should be for your vehicle.

Less wear and tear

Low or high tyre pressure will cause uneven wear on your tyres.  This will reduce the tyre’s performance both in grip on the road and wear to the tyre.  If you rarely or never check your tyres, you are likely to end up having to change your tyres more often.

Detection of tyre irregularities

Regular tyre inspections will help detect any irregular wear, damage, slow punctures or wheel swaps needed.  Taking action sooner rather than later will increase the life of the tyre, maximise grip, comfort and safety.

Load safety

Not many people think of the importance of having the correct pressure for different loads.  If you are used to travelling alone on your daily commute the recommended tyre pressure will be different than when you set off on your annual driving holiday to France with your whole family, the suitcases and the dog.  If you don’t adjust the tyre pressure to suit the load, stopping distances and grip on the road will be affected.

A One Tyres – pressure checks

We want our customers to get the very best performance from their tyres.  Regular tyre checks are an important part of achieving this.  We want A One customers to know when they come to spend money on their tyres that they have maximised the use of their tyres.

A One Tyres – customer loyalty scheme

There are obvious advantages of regular tyre checks that we have outlined here.  But at A One we have gone a step further by launching a customer loyalty scheme that promotes regular tyre checks and is absolutely free.   Simply call in every 4 weeks or so and get your tyres checked.  The checks and tyre advice come free, and on every third visit to A One you will be entitled to a free car wash.  What is there to lose?  Sign up today.  You can even get complimentary cup of coffee in our comfortable reception while your tyres are being checked.  What you do with the advice is entirely up to you.

Of course you can check your tyre pressures yourself and if you feel your tyres need some TLC we are here to help.

For further information feel free to give us a call on 028 9269 9107, or simply call into our Dromore depot.