Tyres should never be the reason for your car failing the MOT

A One Tyres - Wednesday, October 22, 2014

According to a recent article in the Telegraph, “over 2.2 million cars failed their MOT test with tyre-related problems last year”.  The figures were obtained from Tyresafe.  Tyresafe’s Chairman said “It beggars belief that so many motorists can fail their MoT because of unsafe or illegal tyres.”  

And right enough, it is an unbelievable statistic that so many drivers have let their tyres deteriorate to such a state that the cars fail an MOT!   As the article points out, tyres are so vital to safety on the roads, particularly at this time of year when road conditions can be treacherous.  Why do so many motorists send their cars to be tested without checking the state of their tyres themselves or calling in to a tyre depot to get it done for them by the experts?

The A One Tyres’s loyalty scheme encourages customers to come in regularly for a free tyre check.  So, even if your car is not going for MoT just yet, you can be confident the tyres are safe and fully legal.  For more details just ask at reception.

Each car that comes in for an MOT check with A One Tyres gets their tyres checked as a routine part of the service.  If the car needs new tyres we will ensure that the customer knows what their options are.  This way our customers are guaranteed that their car will not fail its MoT on tyre-related issues.

In summary, there are a number of simple reasons to ensure your tyres are checked regularly:

  • safety on the road all year round, but particularly over the winter months
  • it keeps your tyres legal, avoiding penalty points
  • your car will not fail the MoT for tyre-related issues incurring extra cost

So next time you are passing our Dromore, Co Down depot, call in and ask at reception to have your car tyres checked, it is an absolutely free service.  Should you require replacement tyres our experts will talk through this purchase with you to ensure you get the best tyres for your car taking into account your driving habits.

If you need your car serviced, or prepared for MoT, call Jean in our Garage Services Department to book an appointment.  For further advice or information call A One Tyres on 028 9269 9107