Cold weather tyres - to buy or not to buy

A One Tyres - Thursday, October 31, 2013

So the clocks went back last weekend, the days and nights are getting chillier and everyone keeps mentioning Christmas, the countdown begins. invite to the A One 'Tyre Hotel'

The last few winters have proved that a little time spent considering the type of tyres you have on your vehicle just might pay dividends in avoiding an accident and giving you peace of mind for getting around over the chilly winter months. 

If you were caught out by an icy slope on your daily commute last year you may well already have invested in a set of winter tyres.  For anyone else, it might be worth considering a few of the advantages of changing to winter tyres for the cold weather period.

Any time the temperature dips below 7 degrees Celsius you are better off on winter tyres.

What is the difference between summer and winter tyres?

Winter tyres do not harden as much as regular tyres in cold temperatures so they have increased grip on the road.  The tyre manufacturer, Continental says “A vehicle fitted with winter tyres will come to standstill on a snow-covered road (from a speed of just 30mph) after 35 metres – with normal tyres the braking distance required is a further 8 metres (43 metres). That is another two car lengths.”

So why bother with winter tyres?

Anyone who has driven with winter tyres in the cold weather will have noticed the improved driveability of your car.  There is improved grip on the road.  You still need to be careful in icy weather, but there is definitely less skidding round, more control and a better chance of being able to make it to your destination without incident.

After all, another 2 car lengths can be the difference between a collision or not.

Will my winter tyres wear quicker than my regular tyres?

Due to the special rubber compound used in winter tyres, contrary to what you might think, they do not wear quicker than regular tyres and have the advantage of improving driving safety in icy, slushy and even wet conditions. 

What if I have nowhere to store my regular tyres?

A One Tyres offer a service whereby we will store your regular tyres when you purchase your winter tyres from us.  We will change the tyres back to your regular tyres when you call back with us at the end of the winter.  We call this the Tyre Hotel’.  Give your regular tyres a break in A One while your winter tyres take the strain.

To find out more about this service please call us on 028 9269 9107