Car, 4x4 & Van Tyres in Northern Ireland

We offer an extensive range of tyre sizes and makes to cater for all motoring needs. All work is carried out to the highest standards by our fully trained staff who will advise on the product best suited to your requirements.

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Punctures repair in County Down

We repair punctures on any repairable tyre according to British Standard BS AU 159f. Puncture repairs while you wait

Run-flat Self-Supporting tyres

We stock a wide range of new runflat tyres & can also repair punctures to runflat tyres. This technology is offered by a number of vehicle manufacturers as a safety system on new vehicles. It means that if your tyre loses pressure you will be able to continue to drive at a recommended speed and for a certain number of miles until the tyre can be repaired. (The speed & miles are determined in your vehicle handbook). This avoids the danger of puncture repairs at the roadside. Runflat tyres remove the need for a spare tyre therefore creating more space in the vehicle. Runflat tyres should always be replaced with runflat tyres as the vehicle suspension & dynamics are set up to work with these tyres.

We can repair punctures on runflat tyres according to manufacturers' specifications. To determine if a runflat tyre can be repaired we would have to examine the tyre.

Manufacturers runflat / self supporting tyres supplier in Northern Ireland:


Tyre Alignment in Northern Ireland

We have a state of the art corghi computerised alignment system to ensure your tyres are correctly aligned.

Correct alignment leads to:

  • Better road holding
  • Tyres protected from irregular wear
  • Fuel economy

If a vehicle’s suspension geometry is incorrect, the vehicle's road handling may be disrupted, and its safety compromised.

Wheel Balancing

Wheels that are not balanced or are out of balance generally produce a vibration that makes driving uncomfortable. By correctly balancing your wheels it helps to eliminate vibration and avoid premature tyre, suspension and steering components wear while increasing driver comfort. When you purchase new tyres at our depot wheel balancing and fitting is included in the price.

Alloy Wheel Repair in Northern Ireland

Using a reliable local supplier we offer a repair service for alloy wheels that have been damaged by hitting potholes or kerbs. This service also includes refurbishment of alloys that have been salt-damaged or just in need of some 'TLC'. Alloy wheels can also be painted in the colour of your choice.

Nitrogen tyre inflation

We offer a nitrogen tyre inflation service. Inflating tyres with nitrogen can eliminate moisture and keep tyres inflated for longer, leading to more uniform tyre wear and improved economical fuel consumption. . For enquiries please phone our Depot or use our “contact us” link.

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Many other brands available including: