Truck / Commercial Tyre and Tyre Management

With the ever increasing costs associated with the haulage industry, at A One Tyres we want to ensure our customers are receiving value for money and maximising the value of their tyre investment by regularly checking and maintaining fleets. This operation is carried out by our Michelin MBA trained staff. Our depot has two truck bays ensuring an efficient turnaround, facilitating customers to get back on the road as soon as possible. The truck bay utilises the latest technology to maintain a first class standard of service.

Fleet Inspections

A One carries out fleet checks either on-site or at our depot. We check pressures, ensure even wear & take tread depth while monitoring how well the tyres are performing. Our findings can then be sent to our customer in their preferred format. A thorough fleet check ensures that any problems can be corrected as soon as possible.


A wheel is said to be correctly aligned when its plane of rotation coincides with its direction of travel. When a wheel is incorrectly aligned the tyre will scrub on the road surface, causing rapid irregular wear.

Tests have shown that just a 1 mm of misalignment can lead to a 7% loss in tyre life & fuel efficiency is reduced by 3%.

Tyre Pressures

Correct tyre inflation is the most vital single factor in getting the best from your tyres. When a tyre is correctly inflated it sits with the correct area of tread fully in contact with the road. It is in this condition that the tyre can provide its best performance in terms of grip and flexibility. Running your tyres, even slightly under-inflated will increase rolling resistance, thereby significantly increasing fuel consumption and reducing tyre mileage.


Regrooving is recutting a tread pattern once the tread depth has worn down to 3-4 mm.

Benefits of regrooving:

  • It is cost effective
  • It improves performance & safety
  • Maximises tyre life

By re-grooving your tyres, not only will you be prolonging the life of your tyres but you will almost double the phase of the tyre’s life when it is in its most fuel efficient state.

Electronic Balancing

By correctly balancing your wheels it helps to eliminate vibration and avoid premature tyre, suspension and steering components wear.

Complete Tyre Management

We provide a complete tyre management system which, should reduce overall tyre spend. Through regular tyre management we can potentially deliver major cost savings by reducing punctures and associated vehicle downtime, improving fuel consumption, therefore reducing fleet maintenance costs.

Services offered in the tyre management package:

  • Advising on the correct tyre for the job.
  • Thorough fleet checks
  • Monitoring wear performance
  • Turning tyres on rims & changeovers
  • Utilising regrooving to the full

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Michelin MBA

As an MBA truck dealer we know what it takes to provide our customers with a high level of service. That’s why we are delighted to have achieved Michelin accreditation in recognition of our high level of service and professionalism.  We employ Michelin Truck Professionals to ensure peace of mind that our staff offer the best advice on truck tyres.

What it takes to be a Michelin Accredited Dealer:

  • 24/7 tyre breakdown
  • Mobile tyre fitting & tyre management vehicles to the Michelin standard
  • Training budget to ensure customers are serviced by highly trained staff
  • Fleet inspections to Michelin specifications
  • All paperwork completed to Michelin specifications to ensure comprehensive audit trails & easily accessible management information.
  • Stock a wide range of Michelin New & Remix tyres
  • Annual reassessment of all the above criteria by Michelin roadstaff & external auditors.